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Pea Starch

The world's largest pea starch production base
Company's pea starch using the industry's top "Lactobacillus stripped starch granules surface protein coating production of modified starch research and application of technology", the technology by the Beijing Institute of Food Industry, Beijing Institute of Food, China Food Industry Association of Science and Technology dozens of experts identified, reached the international advanced level. Starch composition contains high resistant starch, smooth taste, low water holding capacity.
Dietary fiber: dietary fiber commonly known as "coarse grains" in the human body has an important physiological role, is to maintain human health indispensable nutrients. The company adopts bio-extraction technology to produce dietary fiber, does not add any chemicals, green and healthy, often dietary rich in dietary fiber products, which can effectively clean the intestine and have good effects in preventing gastrointestinal diseases and maintaining gastrointestinal health . Widely used in the production of spices, pastry fillings, meatball stuffing, healthy weight loss products and other fields.
product description:
Products using Canada, the United States high-quality non-genetically modified yellow peas as raw materials, using the industry's most advanced fermentation process of lactobacillus extracted from the production process does not add any chemicals, starch composition contains high resistant starch, starch whiteness , The brightness of the industry to the highest standards, has a good condensing, gelatinization and stability, strong viscosity, smooth taste, low water holding capacity.
Because of its good coagulation, structural adjustment and expansion regulation, pea starch is often used as a binding agent and thickener in many food production. Its strong viscosity is that other starch can not be replaced. It is added to food, Not only does not affect the sensory and texture of food, but also can improve the expansion of some foods, brittle texture. In addition to applications in the fan industry, but also widely used in jelly, jelly and other fields.