Shuangta Culture refers to the spirit of Shuangta, Shuangta Values, Shuangta Concepts, Way of Thinking, and Attitude Towards Business. It is a cultural accomplishment that the entire Shuangta reflects on its goal and never gives up. Shuangta Culture unite the overall development goals of Shuangta Industry and the staff's personal pursuit of the value, which makes the development of Shuangta and the pursuit of personal value of the perfect combination, so that each Shuangta employees in the realization of Shuangta world's major brands in the big goal, the full realization of personal pursuit and the value of life.
In 1996 the chairman Mr. Yang Junmin in charge of the company, it is very important for the develop period of business of the company. Now after decades development, we have established our own management. The creation and be practical is our core of business, we keep improving and learning. The ISO9001 and ISO14001 is the model of the management development.
The chairman Mr. Yang devoted himself to Shuangta, from the beginning to now, the human resource build to the management now. Lead the staffs to follow and toward to goal, he is important.
Now Shuangta haver moved into a fast developing time. The Shandong province civilized company reward have shown that Shuangta is moving stably to the new period. All the staffs are working hard to build Shuangta world brand, and moving towards the goal of Create the top world brand, build Shuangta business ever last.

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