Food safety

As a leading enterprises in vermicelli industry, shuangta food starts from establish green food base, adhering concept as good faith management, return society,  continuously explore to strengthen food safety. Continuously explore and strengthen the food safety mode, give  priority to the food safety management  and highlight the food safety management ,then constructed the "long beach" of food safety.


For many years, shuangta food pay attention on inspection standard, adhere to every aspect strives for perfection, the pursuit of high quality, create safe products, which become the basic survive strategy for shuangta food.Then,gradually formed a food safety culture and into every link of enterprise production. From raw material purchase, check incoming, starch production, production, packaging, transportation, the whole production process has set up a full and comprehensive quality traceability management system, formed the systematic control system, for consumers to create a green, health, safety, high quality fans products.


All this are from the business philosophy of shuangta food to consumer  , from the "integrity, moral" , and also from the moral obligation beard by Shuangta food.

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