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Being as the leading enterprises, Yantai Shuangta Food Co.,Ltd actively response to the call on energy saving and emission reduction by the municipal party committee, determined to do a good job in the market for energy conservation and emissions reduction, developing circular economy, low carbon economy, green economy.By this, protect the surrounding environment and promote enterprise development, has now formed a industry chain of "extracting protein from waste water -biogas generation from vermicelli waste water- slag powder scraps from alcohols." .
Now,Shuangta food put a good use of the leading edge of the industry, further perfecting and enlarging the company's industrial chain. In year 2011,actively communicate with shandong university, Ludong university, shandong academy of agricultural sciences, in ShanDong province association of edible fungi and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research organizations exchanges and cooperation, to explore the use of slag powder and agricultural residues as an important edible fungus cultivation raw material, carries on the edible fungus cultivation and edible fungi cultivation technology, and adopt the technology preparation set strain mushrooms, fungus bag factory production, modernization room out, edible fungus, mushrooms, edible fungus production processing and sales for the integration of biological science and technology industrial park.


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