Public Welfare Undertakings

Enterprise development don't forget to return society, love and responsibility are always the development philosophy of Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd. The company always support the  public welfare undertaking using own practical action.


Assume a social responsibility. Since 2008, the company has launched a series of charity activities. In January 2008, the company successively carry out ‘lovw in year 2008-large charity sales public welfare activities of shuangta vermicelli ‘in chengdu, chongqing and other large and medium-sized cities in China. Each selling a bag of products will donate a dollar money, to sale all the proceeds donated to China children's foundation, to promote "spring bud plan" and "health plan". Since May 13, the charity sale has been carried out in Shanghai, chengdu and other places, and the proceeds of the sale have been donated to the disaster area through the China youth and children foundation.


After Sichuan wenchuan earthquake, the company organized nearly 3000 staff to donate for the earthquake disaster area, totally raised  donation about one hundred and seventy-six thousand yuan, and also donated goods and materials worth about one hundred thousand yuan , and invite the people in the disaster area to work in the company.
Love supports of public welfare and demonstrates corporate social responsibility. Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd will always promise to do well in the enterprise and not forget to develop public welfare undertakings.

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