customized 80% mungbean protein tells about the storage knowledge of mung bean

How much do you know about the storage of mung beans? The customized 80% mungbean protein editor will take you to a brief understanding.
1. Mung beans are often stored in the kitchen, but mung beans are very difficult to store and are always prone to small bugs, especially in summer. If there are bad mung beans or spoiled mung beans, pick them out.

customized 80% mungbean protein
2. After picking out all the mung beans, pour them into a clean plastic bag, squeeze out the air in the bag, tie the bag, prepare a plastic box, put the mung beans in, close the lid, and put the mung beans in the refrigerator, Freeze overnight and take out the mung beans on day 2.
3. The eggs cannot survive in a low temperature environment, so put the mung beans in the refrigerator for one night, and all the eggs in the mung beans can be frozen to death and cannot survive, and then put the mung beans in a bag and seal it. The green beans can be stored for a year, and there is no need to worry about bugs.
The above is the customized 80% mungbean protein editor: a brief introduction to the storage knowledge of mung beans.

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