quality 80% mungbean protein products tells the weeding knowledge of mungbean cultivation

How much do you know about the weeding knowledge of mung bean planting? Follow the editor of quality 80% mungbean protein products to have a brief understanding of it!

It can not only eliminate weeds, but also break soil compaction, loosen soil, reduce evaporation, increase ground temperature, and promote root nodule activity, which is a measure to increase mung bean production. Generally, after one compound leaf of mung bean is unfolded, a shallow hoe is combined with thinning; after two compound leaves are unfolded, the seedlings are set and the second cultivating is performed; Cultivation should be carried out until the ridge is closed. The depth of cultivating should grasp the principle of shallow, deep and shallow. Timely irrigation and drainage to prevent waterlogging. Mung bean is a crop that needs more water and is not resistant to flooding and is afraid of flooding. The mung bean seedling stage has strong drought resistance and requires less water; the flower pod stage is the peak water demand period. At this time, in case of drought, it should be irrigated in time. But mung beans are afraid of waterlogging and flooding. If there is too much water in the seedling stage, it will aggravate the root disease and cause rotten roots and dead seedlings. In the later stage of waterlogging, plant growth is poor, premature senescence occurs, flower pods fall off, and yield decreases.
The above is the editor's description of quality 80% mungbean protein products: a brief introduction to the weeding knowledge of mung bean planting.

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